“Inaugural” blog for our brand new church website

This writing is what I would label the “inaugural” blog for our brand new church website. In trying to be clear what a blog is, for those “baby boomers” who may not be so accustomed – the definition is “a website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other sources.” As I have been envisioning how this blog could be helpful to others in conveying useful information and knowledge about our community of faith, I will be seeking the wisdom and experiences of others within our church to also share in the process of “blogging.”

Here at First Christian Church in Troy I am blessed, as is our church, with a number of Disciple clergy – both active and retired, who have countless years of “life” in this world, and who have ministered to literally thousands of folk around the country. It will be my goal that each one of them, will share, as they are able, as we move forward ever re-defining our mission and purpose and making this website one that will be useful to the church and more so, the community.

In my ministry here at FCC-Troy, which now spans approx. a year and a half, I have come to know that this is a diverse community of beliefs and traditions, a congregation strongly founded upon the principles of outreach and mission, with a deep-set belief in children’s and youth ministry. It is in these areas that much of our resources are spent, to encourage, challenge, and enable others to spiritually expand their horizons. First Step Preschool, now several decades old, a ministry of the greater church, was established to provide a safe, and spiritually rich climate for young children to grow and learn, and with recent changes to the facility, curriculum, and leadership, the Preschool is exceeding those goals.

For those many folks out there who may have recently moved to this area, northwest of St. Louis, who are anxious to become involved in a small and quaint community like Troy, and who may also be seeking a church where they can not only be comfortable but moved, nurtured but empowered, I hope that you will give our church an opportunity. Let us show you why our contemporary and traditional worship styles, our education programs, our outreach opportunities, and our many youth experiences are the right place for your family to come to know that we are a “dynamic faith community” in this ever-changing world!